Harnessing Disruptive Forces

  Business managers make decisions regularly without the need for consulting support.  However, some decisions may need assistance because they are highly consequential for the business and its managers, especially if responding to disruptive market forces that are visible to investors and competitors. The best decisions will turn disruptive forces to the business's advantage.  The Growth Ambitions' aim is to support senior management by ensuring their decisions are well informed, fully agreed and completely feasible, and then help management implement the decisions.   

Preparation & Analysis

In strategy process, one of the consultant's key roles is to insure management's understanding of the 'disruption' is well informed.  Managers should be able to see the picture clearly and work forward from the same page, especially if some constructive debate is required.

Facilitation, planning and delivery

A key role for consultant in the early stages of planning is to write it down, ideally on one page, so that the recommendations, promises and commitments can be debated, refined and start to feel real.  Facilitation and delivery are a key part of the Growth Ambitions service.