Investigation & Research

An early part of strategy work often involves investigation and analysis of the opportunities, issues and threats that give rise to the need for strategy formulation.  I run primary  (people) and secondary (data) research programmes that test and evolve good hypotheses into concrete recommendations.  

Strategy & Planning

I support the decisions that make a difference by ensuring the strategy process is rigorous and well informed, so that the strategy makes economic sense, has management buy-in and is feasible. I then prepare the presentations and documents that convert strategy recommendations into effective implementation and change programmes. 

Post-Merger Integration

Post-merger integration requires a unique interaction between strategy and project management.  Through governance design and iterative planning, I ensure the integration process not only enables two previously separate entities to operate together effectively as one but also achieves the synergies identified in merger business case.

Communications & Change

Good strategy, planning and implementation need communications.  Whether dealing with a small group of senior managers developing the strategy or broadcasting new information to large corporate populations across multiple geographies, I help clients ensure that audience, message,  channel and feedback are aligned and work well.

Project Management

I can manage small strategy assignment teams or run enterprise wide, multi-time-zone delivery programmes. I can provide my own approaches or work with the client project management processes and tools, and have experience of PRINCE and PMI tools.  I also provide interim line management support to staff and managers dealing with new challenges.

Facilitation & Training

I facilitate teams and groups that need to quickly, cooperatively generate new ideas and information, and/or reach collective decisions.  I prepare the timing, involvement and content, help or lead the moderation and ensure suitable follow-on.  I also create training programmes for business managers and MBA students keen to understand more about the consultative process.